Dead Yesterday, Unborn Tomorrow,…

PAST, FUTURE AND TODAY A Musing to Self. By William Olkowski, PhD,  7.15.12. Apologies to Omar Khayyam but … this is how I remember the quote: “Dead yesterday, unborn tomorrow, Continue Reading →


HOMOPHOBIA AND THE BOY SCOUTS OFAMERICA By William Olkowski, posted 9.14.12 The Boy Scouts of America has reaffirmed its exclusion of known homosexual men from membership and as volunteer teachers.  Continue Reading →

Consider the Ant and Be Wise

A conversation with the Entomological Philosopher, Wm Olkowski, PhD Republished from 2.1.12 “Consider the Ant” is good advice.  After all, as social experiments go, ant colony life looks robust.  Ants Continue Reading →