MRSA and GMOs: is There a Connection?

MRSA and GMOs: is There a Connection?

by William Olkowski, PhD


This is a note presenting a hypothesis for further testing and confirmation: that MRSA and GMO’s are linked.

Staphylococcus. aureus is a commensal bacteria found in most people, but with some it gains entry to the blood stream and causes first flu-like symptoms and later full blown fresh eating disease of horrible consequences.  When antibiotics fail to eliminate it the infection it  is called MRSA.  MRSA is short for Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus  Aureus (see Wikipedia for history and background).  Although MRSA was first widely connected to hospitals later it was also found in the community.  Which came first is unknown.  See my book review on MRSA on my blog (

For background information in addition to Wikepedia, check the online textbook of bacteriology at:   Each year, some 500,000 patients in American hospitals contract a staphylococcal infection (1).

I think SA  gains entry to the blood stream regularly through the skin, mucus membranes of the nose and throat, and the alimentary tract but in most people, who are healthier,  it is eliminated by their  immune system.  The standard treatment is a short coarse of antibiotics (ABs) but this does not help many people who have long term infections. Others are treated with ABs and eliminate the infection.  When MRSA was found in the US a few years back, in Europe where all people admitted to hospitals are tested the problem was not as severe..  This occurred because the insurance companies in the US did not want to pay for these simple nose swab and culturing tests.  Consequently the problem became prominent and deadly for many people, surely unnecessary.  Hurrah for the almighty buck and our for-profit health care system.

So there might be some basis for the snake oil treatments of all sorts when faced with an incurable MRSA case.  I don’t know and am not pushing any treatments one way or the other.  I am interested in how the bacteria gains entry to the blood stream.  I learned some valuable lessons when caring for my wife Helga who experienced a stroke which eventually killed her.  Stroke victims are universally susceptible to infections.  With her as my patient I learned  that there is something called Leaky Gut. I learned this by reading and by sending saliva samples for antibody analysis.  Lab results come back showing  she was carrying a wide range of anti bodies to most foods.  I did not believe the results at first, but by rotating diet components and repeated saliva samples and other diet changes we got it under better control – meaning fewer and fewer reactive antibodies where previously there was a reaction.  The number of foods she was allergic to went down slowly, but became greatly reduced.

Enter Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt).

Now comes my latest AHA experience.  Since her death I have become very active in passing Proposition 37 here in CA.  My interest was peaked by Jeffrey Smith’s book: Genetic Roulette.  It’s a great book (see book review on blog) summarizing a huge range of studies implicating GMO altered crops in many maladies.  Now I used Bt for many years and know how it kills certain groups of insects: by disruption of the gut walls which allow a bacterial spore to sporulate, and the combination of the proteinaceous toxin and the sporulating microbe kills the bug.  The protein toxin opens the gut so the spore can gain entry to the blood system.  Used an a traditional spray on insecticide it is a superior product because it is highly selective, not killing natural enemies as most other insecticides and  showed no reactions in human feeding tests.  I treated it as virtually harmless solution.  And it was most helpful in reducing unecessary pesticides.

Now that Bt corn has been secretly introduced into the world’s diet by Monsanto et al, blessed by a dysfunctional and compromised regulatory system (gift from Reagan-Bush), we have been eating Bt toxins for many years.  That is if we were eating the altered foods.  And since we don’t know if we are eating them because they are not labeled it is likely to affect most people.

Monsanto is  the same corporation who gave us agent orange, DDT, the herbicide 2,4-D and now the universal contaminant herbicide glyphosate.  All were declared safe and if not banned contaminate all our bodies, air, water, soils and wildlife.  DDT, for example, banned in 1972 still shows up in large samples of human tissues in the US, particularly in umbilicord samples.  Such umbilicord samples mean the embryo, so sacred to our Republican friends, are subject to its carcinogenetic, teratorgenic, mutagenic and hormone disruptors at very low dosages when the new human is just a single cell or just a bunch of cells.  Its better to be borne crippled than to die in utero, right?  Any takers?

Even a few meals of Bt corn, soybeans, sugar (fr. beets), canola oil, and a few other less common foods, can transfer the Bt genes to human gut flora.  Then the gut flora produces Bt toxins on a continuous basis.  This is not the same thing as spraying a Bt insecticide, no way.


Now comes the flash: Leaky gut in humans may be caused by GMO foods.  If not the principle causes they  can certainly make a bad situation worse.  And that can account for the invasion of a normal commensal,  S. aureus, into the blood stream by gut disruption, the very same method the microbe uses against pest insects.  Most people are healthy enough to regularly round up these critters, but the oldies and compromised don’t have this sort of protection any more.

And the kicker is that we don’t need Bt corn, nor any other GMO foods.  These crops are not higher producers but lead to resistance as pollens carried by the wind distribute them across huge sections of the Biosphere.

Now what do you think of that?  Scares me no end.  We already have many epidemics of flu, other viruses like West Nile Virus,  food borne illness caused by mirobial contamination, neurological problems, the key one of which is electing Reagan, Bush and now Romney is on the way.  I am sad for our country.  And note that 50 other countries have labeling laws and once labeled the foods are not selected and consequently are not grown.  Our agricultural policy goes along with our military policy, and our belief’s in a mythical god who will protect us and save us from ourselves.  I wish it were true.  No wonder much of the world hates us.  Can you connect the dots?

Reference cited:

1)  Bowersox, J.  1999.  “Experimental Staph Vaccine Broadly Protective in Animal Studies”. NIH. Archived from the original on 5 May 2007. Retrieved 28 July 2007. (from wikipedia).





by William Olkowski, PhD, 8.25.12

Compiled from various sources.

GMO = Genetically Modified Organisms; GM   = Genetically Modified; GE    =  Genetically Engineered = GM.

Genetic modifications occur when a foreign gene is inserted into another organism.  This is done with a transporter virus or by physical injection.  The source gene can be from an organism far removed from the targeted species gene and once transported will remain part of the new genome forever.  And that’s the most serious threat, the forever part, but Jeffrey Smith sums up the core of the problem with this technology:

“Inserting transgenes is like throwing darts that can land in more than a billion possible locations in a genome.  At the insertion site, the host’s natural genes may become mutated, deleted, altered or permanently tuned on or off.  In addition, up to 5% of the active genes throughout the genome may change expression levels.  This is evidenced by laboratory tests.  For example, growing GM cells in tissue culture can cause hundreds or thousands of additional genome-wide mutations.  All this can change RNA, proteins, and other substances, including the countless natural products in plants.  Any one might be harmful.”


a. Labeling foods containing GM products would alert people to such products but in the US there is no way to determine what is GM or not.  50 other countries have labeling laws.  The US does not.

b. There are an unknown but important set of chemicals now occurring in major foods, like corn, soybeans, wheat and sugar beets, for example.  These are produced like a normal gene produces its products, which include RNA’s, proteins, and other substances, including various proteinaceous poisons.   Herbicides gain entry to food plants by direct absorbtion when a plant is rendered herbicide resistant and thus can be sprayed to kill neighboring weeds.

c. The effects of these chemicals are unknown because they were assumed to be safe so were registered by EPA, but also passed by FDA and encouraged by USDA.  This is an example of what the deregulation mania started by Reagan means.  We need better regulation not deregulation.

d. 6 major pesticide companies with loads of cash are fighting the labeling of foods as GM Foods (=Prop 37), but hundreds of others don’t want labeling. Chief among these NO companies are Monsanto (owned by Pfizer), DuPont, Bayer, Pepsi Cola, Nestle, and others.

e. IT’S OUR RIGHT TO KNOW WHAT IS IN OUR FOODS. Even if you don’t care about potential health effects and don’t believe there is a health concern we have the right to know what’s in our food.  With labeling one can make a choice.  Now we are eating various chemicals without knowing it.  All are untested and some are certainly poisons.

e. Health problems are surfacing of great import, for example,when GM soybeans were introduced into the UK there was a 50% rise in allergies.  Allergies are indications of impact on the immune system which protects against disease causing pathogens.

f. Animal studies show major problems: feeding studies kill lab animals, from bleeding stomachs – a common way to go.

g. Genetic pollution is now widespread, moving from GM plants by way of pollens to weeds, other crops, all over the world.  Genetic pollution is forever.

h. Loss of organic certification from wind blown pollens. Instead of farmers suing because of genetic contamination from GM crops the GM companies claim losses due to patent infringement, an unbelievable consequence of judicial ignorance and misinformation campaigns by super wealthy corporations.

i. Rapid growth of herbicide resistant weeds, thus increasing costs of crop production and increasing soil, water and air concentrations of herbicides, already a big problem.

j. Loss of natural enemies due to loss of lepidopteran hosts.  Contaminated pollens spread gene producing poisons to other plants thereby killing non-target herbivores which support natural enemies, thereby reducing these species which are important natural controls.

WHY IS CA PROPOSITION 37, WHICH WILL FORCE GM FOOD LABELING IMPORTANT? Once CA passes a law requiring labeling, the US will follow suit.  50 other countries have already and consumers can identify such foods and avoid them.