Deniers include those who say the holocost
did not occur, that climate change is not
caused by humans and that evolution
did not create all living things. Such people
must be marginalized for humans to survive.
certainly they must be removed from political
offices. Unfortunately, such ignorance is widespread.
Making education at the college level free
Will surely help, but we need adult education
On an unprecedented level fast.

An important yet long article on the history of the challenge to teaching evolution in the US. It has polls showing that something like 50% of US citizens believe God created humans about 10,000 years ago. This fact explains why US Citizens are so stupid, uneducated and generally ignorant, not able to reason and think realistically. It also explains how an asshole like Trump could become President. I am embarrassed to be an American.

How far Have We Come Since The Scopes “Monkey Trial”?

Scopes Monkey Trials

UPDATE 11.20.13: CO2, Evolution, Bugs, Aliens, Statins

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