About Dr. William Olkowski

Dr. William Olkowski is a specialist in Integrated Pest Management and Biological Control of Insects and is an active environmentalist, gardener, teacher and perpetual student.

His books (with other authors) include “Common Sense Pest Control”, the City People’s Book of Raising Food”, “The Gardeners Guide to Least Toxic Pest Control” and the “Integral Urban House”, among others.  His publications include other books, scientific papers, government reports, book reviews, technical pest control manuals, and more extensively, articles in the “IPM Practitioner” and “Common Sense Pest Control Quarterly for over 25 years.” His blog (www.entomologicalPhilosopher.com) covers book reviews on health, ecology, parasitology, medical entomology, among others, essays, movie reviews, personal poems, paintings, rantsl and socio-political commentaries.  A separate website (www.WHO1615.com, includes many of his published scientific papers, paintings, awards, project reports.   He has consulted with the EPA, NPS, AID, NIH, private businesses and city, county and state agencies about least toxic pest control.  He is familiar with various ecological social organizations from starting non-profit organizations, and is proud of helping to start the first recycling centers in the US, the first ecology center (in Berkeley), and the Farallones Institute, Antioch College West, and a small farm based school for educating disadvantaged young women. Based in Santa Barbara, CA, he can be reached as “William Olkowski” at wo1615@gmail.com.

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