Scientifically Guaranteed Male Multiple Orgasms and Ultimate Sex.

Scientifically Guaranteed Male Multiple Orgasms and Ultimate Sex.

by Alan Ritz. 2005.

Book review by W.O., 1.16.13

Among the array of books I assembled recently is this gem, sort of made for me, and probably you too.  The gods must know something is afoot.  But I am always cautious about “ultimate” this or that, it sounds like hype to sell the book.  However, in this case it may be true.

If what the females get by way of multiple orgasms is real and not a fake, I want some.  So that is the superficial reason to own this book.  But the story is much more complex as most reality really is.  Ach, reality rears its real head.

This guy, I mean author, is just a scientist, like me, but he knows some things I am only just learning.  His book is full of recommendations, one set is for supplements to help us old guys and even young guys.  The young guys have been really hit hard by the revolution the women have produced with the help of “the pill”.  This was also helped by antibiotics for some sexually transmitted diseases.  Me, I was in a satisfying great relationship so had no need to wander, hence this world passed me by.  And now wandering the world I see that avoiding HIV/AIDS, and other STDiseases was certainly worth the isolation.

So if you came thru the sex revolution going on in the world without a STD, a sexually transmitted disease, be happy.  Young people with their free fast lifestyles are dying because they are embarrassed by the need to have condoms laying around the house.  Of course no good parent would condone such activity, right? Trying to keep the sexes separate and chaste is like trying to stop the rain, or Niagra Falls.  Oh, bad examples.

Well the book is not really about STDs, although his observations are certainly relevant to the youth and others.  However, the book is full of his own personal history and discoveries including certain muscle groups worth building up if you males want multiple orgasms.  The women are also invited, in fact they are probably already there and just need a tidbit of more information about how the male things work.

In this regard, male knowledge is mostly the province of the porn industry with their sexual athletes dispensing without too many words misinformation and pills, pumps and whatnot galore.  Those guys with the big tools are really like our football athletes — write-offs for their professions, write-offs being their bodies.  The big tools are mostly broken things that only function with viagra or something like that.  The author councils, if the tool bends down they are busted.  And viagra can deform and even kill.  But of course practice, lots of it, must help, but to model your behavior on theirs is a false fantasy, like most fantasies.  Reality is best.

This book is the best source I have found so far about supplements to help males.  Zinc, of course is a dominant supplement, for example, but he does not mention the need to balance it with some copper, something I would like to know more about.  The zinc source I use now is food derived, but I am shifting to it as part of my belief system, i.e., Food is better than supplements if the dosage is comparable).  My medical belief system has been transformed by the medical establishment into a general fear of being exploited by my nature and the insurance company monopoly on medical knowledge, to call it something which it is not.

In short, use a food before a supplement, a supplement before a medicine, and do what you can to avoid medicines, starting with antibiotics and all the other “Anti’s).

I still believe in using supplementary sex hormones, i.e., testosterone, but am experimenting with doses, going downward.  That is because of concerns about usurping the natural production systems of the body with something man-made.  Man-made is not as good as the real thing, but to get back to the real thing may take some help, like a splint does with a broken bone.

Discussions about the different supplements which should help out most of us poor ole males and even some young ones continue into use of various amino acids, (arginine, ornithine, tyrosine, etc.), but he clears up great mysteries like aspartamine (skip it), phenylalanine,. tryptophan (take it in foods, skip the synthetic, get it from whey protein powders), 5-HTP, and others.  The list of symptoms of deficiency, for just 5-HTP (doses not discussed, unfortunately), alone will frighten anyone.  Always look for pharmaceutical grade materials when buying supplements.

And the discussions about neurotransmitters are great.  Serotonin, for example, is the key to sleep, mood, and everything in between, especially between the legs.  The noble prize for the discovery of NO, nitric oxide, is an example of some of the great things from recent science.  NO is really a YES material for helping dilate your blood vessels.  Arginine converts to NO, and is available as a powder from most health food stores.  And ED, in part is related to clogged blood vessels (which can also be helped with vitamin K2, for example, but he does not so state).

Choline was a re-new one for me, and I think he is right to emphasize it’s intake, judging by my own experiences.  Choline, comes from lecithin, which, although I took it for many years, but I had dropped it from my group, until now.  Choline is the precursor to acetycholine, and is found in many foods, including eggs, meats, soybeans and peanuts.  He says 550 mg/d is suitable for most men, but when physical intensity and sexual activity goes up you need more, so he says go up to 1 g/d.  The product I found at the health food store is from NOW, is non-GMO, and says that lecithin is 30% of the brain tissue, composing the myelin sheath of all nerves, and is dominant in the heart, the biggest/strongest muscle in the body, that also functions as a neurological entity, like the brain.

The one pound container of Lecithin Granules, sold for about $20, and contains phosphatidyl choline and other phosphatides, inositol, linoleic acid (essential fatty acid), and other goodies.

Chinese Herbs Beat Ecstasy

The remaining half of the book discusses Chinese herbs as alternatives to common drugs like Ecstasy, and others.  It also covers his promise about ultimate sex which he himself uses and defines as 27/7/365.  And he explains how he does this with lots of practice.  He also gives a pet talk to guys.  Ecstasy depletes serotonin after a big rush.  The depletion lasts up to 3 days or more.  High testosterone and low serotonin is a formula for violence, rape and murder.  High testosterone does not mean violence itself, but when combined with low serotonin a killer sequence is set in motion.  Testosterone is not the cause of violence, it’s a major love hormone, in both men and women.

His chapter Master Plan for Men’s Ultimate Pleasure and Sex covers so much ground that I cannot due it justice.  You should examine the book yourself.  An example may suffice.  The subsection on “Fucking versus Love Making” is certainly an eye opener, to use an overworked phase.

He starts off with the facts about our history.  For hundreds of years “women had no rights, and had to bend to the demands of their husbands, undress and spread their legs, then raise the subsequent kids.  Even this day, violence to wives and women is way too common.  Surely this violence is due to some sort of sexual dysfunction.

During the last 90 years over 72 million men died in wars and the result has been all the aspects we now witness: briefly referred to as “women’s liberation”.  The author views this whole movement with some horror as he thinks this has led to the alarming statistics of 30 million impotent men in the US. He goes on to quote a survey which determined that 50% of the men surveyed preferred to continue working rather than go home and have sex.  They preferred work to sex!!!

Many of the author’s ideas are stated strongly.  For example, his plan with a new relationship goes like this: first 3 months no sex, just good times because a long term relationship is so important, and then he makes a deal, only a 10 minute talk about sex, and the need for a quickie 1-2 times per month.  This discussion about a quickie he considers vital to maintain his personal testosterone level.

He goes on to state that women are programmed to search for an Alpha Male, but the women who normally have a lower income and less power will try to “put a leg on your neck”.  He translates this into shutting off his major switch, the Sex-testosterone- Health-Well Being switch.  He says he had such a girlfriend and showed her the door.  So keep in mind the bare minimum a man needs from a true win-win situation.

He goes on to present a Master Plan for Action, that is after a hot women has “accidentally” met you.  He then lapses into a discussion of two basic hormones: oxytocin and vassopressin produced by the pituitary gland.

Oxytocin is produced just before ejaculation and generates the orgasm.  In women it is released during stimulation of the clitoris and vaginal entrance.  Continuous high levels of oxytocin interferes with memory and intelligence.  The other hormone has an opposite effect.  Oxytocin is addicting.

He goes on to state that morning sex gives a dose of oxytocin to a women who gets addicted to morning sex and that this is a blessing few men ever experience and appreciate.  Further over ejaculation does the same to men, makes them stupid.  He offers an amusing history of a ugley, smelly, syphillic man, Giovanni Casanova.

This amusing horrible story is about a man addicted to oxytocin, who started out overejaculating, and later graduated to women, men and even his own daughter to keep his addiction alive.  The author concludes that a women should be on a regular sex diet but a man should be on an ejaculation control diet.  A strong oxytocin addiction cannot be cured.

The author uses daily sex to keep himself in shape.  And uses a man made vagina when he has no woman friend.  He says it takes years to find a women with a captal L who will move in and become your partner.  So what is a guy to do in the meantime?  There are pills but he prefers practicing.

Then a discussion of stone age man follows, who comes back after finding meat and desires the company of his female since that is the natural way to boost his testosterone level, confidence and his ability to fight for their lives.  But he says he never violates his morning sex rhythm, except for the 1-2 times per month when he is crazy for a female.

What follows is a long presentation of artificial vaginas and sex toys, along with his admonition to get as close to reality as possible.  Skip blue vaginas and vibrator things are out as no women’s vagina does these things.

In a great confidence he tells of a story with his alpha girl, who he shows his beta-gals.  Her reaction was most pleasurable as she liked the idea that she was still no. 1, and that if he strayed it was with a synthetic substitute.

I found his coverage of lying and HIV most critical.  He asks his girlfriend who has moved in with him after 3 months when was the last time she had sex?  He watches for delays in answering or newly formed wrinkles on the forehead.  He escorts any women who delays more than 2-5 seconds knowing that the delay is a lie.  Wrinkles on the forehead are another sign.  Then if she has been honest he waits another 3 months as it takes 6 months for HIV to manifest after the last sexual contact.

He does this quizzing to insure that the “girl” he invites to live with him does not have HIV, and that he can trust her to not have another relationship when she lives and loves with him.

He says you can always find another gal, but you only have one life.

He makes a deal with the gal that after 6 months he will pay for both of them to have a blood test for HIV virus.  With a negative they can then play with oral sex.

Although a reader may think this author is far out, but one episode touched me.  He was listening to a teacher who looked him straight in the eye and asked: “are you part of the solution, or part of the problem?  He reverently says he put his hand over his heart and said to himself “I will be part of the solution”.  And he offers this book as part of his evidence that he has followed through on his personal promise.

In his concluding section he quotes Ralph Waldo Emerson:

Men who for truth and honor’s sake

Stand fast and suffer long.

Brave men who work while others sleep,

Who dare while others fly…

They build a nation’s pillars deep

And lift them to the sky.


THE TESTOSTERONE FACTOR, A Practical Guide for Improving Vitality and Virility, Naturally, by Shafio, Qaadri, MD.  2006. 285 pp.

All men should read this book as it is full of good advice, a nice review of how your body needs and produces testosterone, and lots of good motivational pushes.  Most men could profit from this book.  I did and will continue to do so as I need reminders and review to keep up the good things so as to live a good life. 

Testosterone is good for health, in fact vital.  After age 40 most men start a physical decline related to the decline in testosterone production.  The object of the book is to maximize life quality to match the current extended life span.  And if you are interested in extending your life span it is vital to also live a good life while doing so.  Otherwise, why live?

Women must learn about their hormone production systems innately because it is so dominant, in regular and irregular cycles; and in almost a mystical whole body uninon.  But the same can be said of men.  But the sad fact is most men don’t make the connection between how they feel, look and think to testosterone production.

Sex is good for testosterone production and testosterone production is vital for sex.

Consider the section on sleep for example of how good this book is:

Did you know that women sleep 1.5 hrs longer than men on the average.  Women sleep 7.5 hrs, men 6 (this is an ideal, of course; I would have loved to see some data here but its a logical observation).  This difference alone could tell a good part of the story why women live longer (besides being smarter). 

So if you go to sleep at 10 pm, expect to normally awake at 4 am, if you are a healthy male.  I was one such thing, now need and seemed always to need more sleep.  That tells a sad story I am busy reversing.

By age 40 we have spent 15 years asleep.  So you can see how important sleep is in general.  Testosterone is produced during sleep, peaking during REM sleep, with the testes producing thousands of molecules per second!  Dawn is the best fertile time for a man to impregnate.  All night long one gets erections every 90 minutes or so lasting 15 minutes, but alas we are asleep.  (But that gives me ideas).

Follow the basics for good sleep:  

for 2-3 hours before, these are:

No caffeine, no alcohol, no nicotine

No large meals, no drinks

No strenuous exercise (sex is ok)

If you have to get up to urinate with no drinks before going to sleep you have other problems.

In addition:

eliminate noise and light pollution by using ear plugs and a eye mask.  Sleep with the lower half of your body naked.  Cool the room and get deep REM sleep. Get a good pillow and mattress. 


This advice about sleep is followed by a short discussion about each item on the list.  I wish I could just copy all the explanation since I have read lots of books about how to improve sleep and the author has encapsulated most of the advice I have seen from other books into a few pages. These are logical things to do, but making the connection to testosterone production is special and that to overall health  so succinctly is extraordinary.  Cooling the room for example, means preventing excess heating of the body which reduces T production.  By keeping the body core warm, periphery cool, increases T production.

The book is full of good logic easily explained.  For example, men who have lots of sex live longer, smile more and are healthier.  Sex is good for you and me, but don’t tell it to the parish priest.

Afterward, to round out this short 10 or so pages here is the way he says to tell if you had a good QUALITY sleep:

“When you put your head on the pillow, you didn’t have to wait too long to go to sleep. 

“When you went to bed, distracting thoughts turned off fast.”

“Slight noises or movements did not stir you, disturb you, or wake you up.”

“You did not wake up in the middle of the night.  Not even once.”


And when you wake up the next day,

“You remember your dream(s).

You don’t feel you need more sleep.

You say: “I only slept 6 hrs, but it feels like a lot more”.

Your surprised that the achiness and fatique you may have had the day before are completely gone.

You don’t want to shoot your alarm clock.

You feel a bounce in your spirit and think, Bring on the day. It’s good to be alive — I’m feeling 100 percent.

That discussion about sleep is worth its weight in gold.  And here is the bargain: I bought it for $0.99, plus shipping.  But the rest of the book made changes in my lifestyle of vital importance.

HOWEVER, the book is full of questionaires to fill out which are also a way to depress yourself, as it is very difficult to face it all unless you are ready for a shock or two. 

This could be important, however, in my opinion to aid in self motivation to do something about your sexual health.  It certainly further stimulated me to focus more attention on my lady relationships as part of my life in regard to living a better life.

I’m working on it rather constantly right now as I want to collect great information to make into a Sensuality/Sexuality Manual (for designing your lifestyle to increase the pleasure in your life), and incidentally in my life.

So this book The Testosterone Factor is one I will probably devour in great detail.  I only do this once in awhile, and I see hundreds of books and titles every month.  I love books, especially science books about archeology, genetics, especially human genetics, physiology, medicine, anthropology, biography, entomology -economic, medical, architectural, art (many old and new with an emphasis on methods – a partial list.

Another key paraphased summary):

Another key factor is that testosterone is 100 times more concentrated in the testes than in the blood.  He calls it  this Fort Konx like Vault (of Testosterone) ready to burst forth as being something unheard of in biological systems.  This Fort Knox, is set off by the sex force blasts of which release some “T” into circulation evidenced by 50% swelling of the testicles; “just waiting to be harvested.”

He goes on most poetically:

“sex is one of the special things men can do, its a powerful sign of energy. , an expression of intimacy, a way to bond deeply, a way to lose yourself in someone else,  It’s a workout, and a heck of a T-rush.  Some men think of sex as a physical experience, others feel it’s spiritual, either way the body loves the chemistry of sex.

And to top that off this guy has a sense of humor: “And for most men, it’s also the most exercise they ever get.

And it gets better:

“The Sweet Smell of Success:

MEN AND WOMEN give off their own musk, their own sexual scents known as pheromones.   These scents are derivatives of testosterone in both men and women.”

Further, T does so many things simultaneously: and is the reason why men can be so affected by a beautiful person, sheer clothing, a toned physique, sleek hair, nudity, a memory-triggering perfume, a romantic song. a sultry voice, a youthful face, a seductive smile, or curves in all the right places.

I HAVE AN ASIDE ON THAT LAST POINT: Re: “all the right places”.  I believe there is an engram implanted in the male brain to recognize as an ideal a modified figure 8, in proportions of 0.7 to 1 waist,  hip ratio.  I tried this out when walking the streets and meeting/seeing  women in various places, i.e., supermarkets, libraries, meetings of all sorts, schools, shops, etc.  I am a distractable guy, unless I am with someone, then she gets my full attention.  But when she flirts in front of you with another man, you know its over as a sexual partner, unless I understand more.  If there is no further communication over the subject its better left without further effort.


Distractability indexing to female forms is a learned habit for me for driving safely.  I must focus my mind on driving in the face of some beautiful forms and actions.  However, the form or event sort of jumps into view automatically, just like a fear signal, or better a pleasure signal.  (Fear signal is faster).  I think our perceptions are heavily wired for shapes and many other traits.  But they are all affected by T in the male and to a lesser extent T in the female.  The female has the exact opposite hormone system, More estrogen than T, plus progesterone more than the male.  The female is the primary embryonic tissue form until testosterone starts to be produced.

It’s like a seesaw but across the sexes.  What one must remember with such information is that the system was set up over thousands of generations to create us today.  We are a collection of special biochemicals within two stereotypical type individuals (female and male) but vastly different upon close examination. 

That’s part of the spice of life. But the similarities outweigh the differences for medical reasons, as many treatments are good for both sexes.  Treatment modalities today are starting to reflect such sex differences as well as racial origins, but only in a small way, mostly over various drug treatments.  Diets should be different as just the size of the body differences between men and women.

That’s understandable too, but for someone trying to find out how to live a good life neglecting this T factor in male life, certainly can be a killer.

Dr. Qaadri provides sex observations of great import:  here he is some more: “Good energetic sex, or slow, leisurely loving –both help to release large amounts of T, which in turn releases endorphins, the body’s own pleasure chemicals and onboard painkillers.


Get enough sex.

Get better-quality sex, or slow, leisurely loving — both help to release large amounts of T, which in turn releases endorphins, the body’s own pleasure chemicals and onboard painkillers.

Self service if necessary.

Learn to masturbate each other.

Go oral.

Learn the power of suggestion.

Get kinky.

Don’t always be so goal oriented.

Open up.

Deal with any erection problem.

end review

(Reader, this last aspect will be the subject of another review).