Dear family and friends,
We have decided to list our house in Facebook for an impeachment party because we can no longer tolerate what looks like impending doom.  I’d rather escape but before we do we will make every effort to fight this nonsense.  This is only a start, because Trump is supported by a gaggle of republican money grubbers who have sold their souls to keep their salaries and pensions.  Prison is what they should get.
Regards, Bill and Shavda


If there’s one constant we’ve heard throughout our campaign to impeach President Trump — besides widespread agreement on the absolute need for Trump to be impeached — it’s that the political establishment is not doing enough to defend the rights and values of American voters. Over four million Americans have signed our petition so far, with thousands more joining us every single day. Yet, even as this unhinged president leads us into a disastrous shutdown, lawmakers from both parties continue to brush off their constituents’ calls for impeachment.

So here’s your chance to form your own party — one that won’t hesitate to send a strong message that President Trump needs to be immediately impeached.

This February 17th, we’re organizing impeachment parties across the country. Sign up today and ring in President’s Day by hosting one of your own.

We want President’s Day weekend to be more than an extra day off from work. We want it to be a day of action — a time to remind our elected officials how a president is expected to behave. And we’ll make it easy for you: Sign up to host your friends and neighbors, and we’ll make sure you have all the information you need to make the party a HUGE success!

Are you ready to throw a party to impeach?

If you’re interested in hosting a party, sign up and we’ll send you all the details you need to make it a success.


The Need to Impeach Team

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