GMO Alfalfa spreads to non-GMO Alfalfa

Commentary: Below is a report showing that the regulatory agency is wrong about GMOs, again.  To add to the pesticide and widespread chemical contamination of air, water, soil, wildlife, and foods now include genetics. This means gene transfers between GMO species and non-GMO species that will probably produce monsters of all sorts.  At first these will be eliminated because most monsters are lethal, but given enough time we should expect real monsters.  Scientific fiction may be a realistic means for seeing the future.

Gads, where can one hide?  Nowhere, so fight we must.

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Glyphosate Information

Do what u can to spread this info around. Glyphosate is everywhere and its deadly at low doses. Worldwide contamination leads to massive diseases epidemics largely unseen. Another gift from our corporate masters.


Forwarded Message

I don’t know what the delay was all about, but my article on GLYPHOSATE was finally released: I thought the format would be a little different, and different graphics, but all the information is there and there is so much to consider. I think this coverup is a very big deal if people come to grips with glyphosate’s true, long-term consequences on people, animals, and the environment. In CA, I hope people will get to the last section of the article and send comments to the CA-DPR; then we can start working on the EPA.

Later — Stephen