A Few Clarifications on Happiness


LIFE is like a walk or dance or run on the edge of a knife. On either side one can fall into death, living death, or just existence.

One can get this feeling when driving in fast traffic, but the reality is that dancing is a metaphor for the decisions one makes that involve the experiences one chooses to have.

There is the fact that in any situation one perceives a certain set of inputs though their senses which go into the brain. Then what one makes of those inputs determines what kind of reality one makes for themselves. Happiness is an activity not a goal. One can chose happiness or worse from any set of perceptions.

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BELIEF SYSTEMS: Examining logic, reason and prejudice. By John Cooke

John and I share emails and recently he sent this gem to me from a collection of essays he is writing. I wanted any readers I have to read this and grin. Bill

BELIEF SYSTEMS: Examining logic, reason and prejudice.

By John Cooke

Nothing so raises the temperature of a conversation as when religious or political opinions are brought into it. On such occasions, logic and reason wither before the onslaught of prejudice. Can this be attributed to the fact that the seeds of both politics and religion are frequently sown before a child’s critical faculties have been sharpened? They thus embed themselves like a malignant mutation, unfettered by reason, to become a hard-wired component in the developing psyche? Continue Reading →

Heroes Who Gave Their Lives Fighting for Freedom

A friend, Dick Strong, visited recently and showed me this list of people, many of whom were reported in the mass media, many not. Its a sad list but their lives are worth memorializing.
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The Last Year With Helga

The Last Year With Helga,
before 4.27.12 when she died.
(6th or 7th in the Series)

See wo1615.com/blog/search term Helga.

She was doing great starting off at walking outside where we had installed a pipe guard rail along the neighbor’s fence. Her walking went up to a peak of 14 80 foot walks, 9 in morning and 5 at night. She and I were so proud of her work. Gradually as the year proceeded along with repeated UTIs it got harder and harder for her to walk. On cold days she walked in the house using a cane and made 4 or so distances of about 30 feet at best. Walking with a cane was much harder inside then outside as the railing gave more substantial support. I had read that post stroke people lived 5 years at most after such a massive stroke. I never told her that fact, but she was no dummy. I had an unspoken objective to at least get to that mark. We made it half way, and along the way learned a few things which might be of interest and even generalizable. Continue Reading →



By William Olkowski 6.2.12/7.25.12

Well this morning I am going to take on my current main daily subject: grief. The take will be conceptual rather than emotional although the emotional is the stronger, especially right now. That’s because grief can overwhelm the senses including the so called sixth sense of conceptualization. Some people think the sixth sense is telepathy which is a lot of fun to think about. Fun is great, if you can find it, in yourself and others. But the evidence for telepathy is rather weak, if there is any good evidence at all. Continue Reading →



by William Olkowski

republished again today 11.21.14 previously 2.1.12

“Consider the Ant” is good advice. After all, as social experiments go, ant colony life looks robust. Ants go back, way back, when Insects started in or before the Cambrian Geological period almost 400 million years ago (mya). So they must have experimented and learned a bunch over the million of years, right? Well, from my view it’s a heartless social organization, not worth emulating. But one can learn from almost any bad idea. But then again their survival over this long period tells something we may want to learn from. Continue Reading →

Reason, Religion and Ecology

Reason, Religion and Ecology
republished 11/15/14, originally published in Oct 2012

Reason is based on linking evidence to form a valid explanation. There is no evidence that a god exists. There are no answers to prayers, there is no supreme being ever seen or heard. The Universe may be infinite but no one knows for sure, but it’s much greater than any religion ever said. The big bang is only one explanation for how the universe was created, but its based on evidence. Astronomers and now physicists are finding evidence that may point to still other explanations. That’s the nature of science, theories explain facts until new facts are not explainable with the earlier theory. Science is a continuous discovery process. Religion, in contrast, offers no evidence, and assumes mythical beings exists who no one has ever seen or perceived. It’s a static view which cannot be challenged. Continue Reading →