Book review and author interview by Dr Mercola. Big time public exposure. Mercola is a hero and has been attacked as a fraud, which is par for the course. Trump’s key defense is fake news, calling actual truth statements lies, to confuse and discredit the messenger, a common defense used by demigods and lawyers the world over. It’s a strategy for use by those unwilling to examine the evidence or the message.

This author has laid out a great case against Monsanto, the most evil of the pesticide companies.  Glyphosate or Roundup (trade name for actual product) contaminates proteins and genetic compounds like DNA, so its poisoning all food chains on the planet and is built into genetic compounds so pollutes all genes. Health claims made by Monsanto are based on old falsified studies and are public-ally presented as justified because their product can save millions from starvation, a falsehood beyond the pale.

Pesticide pollution is the most severe pollution because it requires special knowledge of chemistry and toxicology few make the effort to learn. Its much more than just another pollution but is already doing tremendous damage. Why are so many friends dying of cancer?

Dr. William Olkowski

Monsanto’s Round Up And The Environment

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