Note: This key article explains a history of an oligarchical movement headed by Supreme Court Judge Powell who had secretly laid out a plan to take over our democracy to benefit the morbidly rich.
Here is the excerpt that challenges this history:

To save our Republic, we must acknowledge that the American aristocracy of the morbidly rich is in fact, destroying our country. And then overturn (via constitutional amendment) the twin policies of right-wingers on our Supreme Court that say that billionaires can own their own personal politicians, and that corporations are “persons” with human rights. e.g. “Citizens United”.

Once we reject America’s new self-appointed royalty, with their billionaire and corporate money fouling our system, our elected officials can restore protections for working people – and we can once again see our wages begin to rise like they did for 40 straight years before the advent of Reaganism.

Only then can we bring back rules to keep the oligarch’s influential money out of our political system, and begin to break up their control of American business and media so that small and medium-sized businesses, unions, and local media can once again thrive. And, with them, we can return to something resembling a democracy.

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