CALIFORNIA DECLARATION OF DEPENDENCE From the United States of North America.

By Dr. William Olkowski 11/7/17


We the people of California declare ourselves separate from the other states in North America in this year 2017.

We separate in order to form a more perfect Union than the current political climate in the United States of America.

We refuse to live under the policies and “rule” of an ignorant tyrant who exhibits sexist, bigoted, egotistical, hypocritical, ignorant, sociopath without remorse, or compassion.

Trump is the worst president since the start of the Republic in 1790.

This alone, would not be of consequence if there was no support for his policies throughout the population, so called ‘the citizenry of the US (CUS)’.  These may be a minority, in fact, but millions voted for this very unqualified person.

This makes me shutter as I know the history of Europe, particularly Nazi Germany. Besides these personnel disqualifications, the policies being implemented and planned are aimed at division amongst those who agree that the recently elected Chief Executive Officer should be removed as a ‘Treasonous, Self-Serving Demigod’ who has violated the constitutional oath he swore to defend the constitution before the US people in his inaugural address.

Instead he has violated the spirit and the law of the self-governing founding fathers who foresaw the difficulties in creating and maintaining a democracy.  For those who made major contributions to components of the Constitution (C) mostly knew their Greek Classic sources which described the faulty democratic experiments that preceded the1700s.

The Democracy of the United States is now ruled by those who financially support the representatives elected via voting systems run by the states.  Since they require financial support to run election and reelections the system is rigged to aid the rich.


Such a society is best described as an oligarchy. Why Oligarchy? (ruled by the wealthy)is not superior to a (one vote one person) democracy.

In an oligarchy, the wealthy will choose who does what, when and for how much, i.e., run the economy, foremost, and secondarily the military, and the decision-making systems leading to war.

Merely running the military systems requires some knowledge and experience, right? Now know this: there is no reason to believe any wealthy person can or could do better than a group of citizens? than military mercenaries?

In a war who does the fighting and killing? Not the wealthy, they will hire people to do this onerous job.  They are called mercenaries, which is what we have shifted to after the Vietnam war when volunteers were conscripted.  Today, mercenaries are mainly recruited from the poor and lower classes with some exceptions.  That’s why we shifted away from conscription, after all, if you were a billionaire would you do all you could to see your sons and daughters killed, wounded, tortured or mangled from combat activities?


War is a high risk for any society since with current weapons, all life would be snuffed out.

The Nuclear Winter scenario was widespread during the cold war.  Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia describing how nuclear winter will or could occur:

“Nuclear winter,” and its progenitor, “nuclear twilight,” refer to nuclear events. Nuclear winter began to be considered as a scientific concept in the 1980s, after it became clear that an earlier hypothesis, that fireball generated NOx emissions would devastate the ozone layer, was losing credibility. It was in this context that the climatic effects of soot from fires was “chanced upon” and soon became the new focus of the climatic effects of nuclear war. In these model scenarios, various soot clouds containing uncertain quantities of soot were assumed to form over cities, oil refineries, and more rural missile silos. Once the quantity of soot is decided upon by the researchers, the climate effects of these soot clouds are then modeled.[7] The term “nuclear winter” was coined in 1983 by Richard P. Turco in reference to a 1-dimensional computer model created to examine the “nuclear twilight” idea, this 1-D model output the finding that massive quantities of soot and smoke would remain aloft in the air for on the order of years, causing a severe planet-wide drop in temperature. Turco would later distance himself from these extreme 1-D conclusions.[8]


With the mutual assured destruction (MAD) agreement. Stalemate is achieved when two potential combatants achieve equal ability to destroy the other.  The reasoning goes on to assume that with a stalemate neither will strike the first blow.  Stalemate, like in the chess game.   I am sure the game makers for the Pentagon grew up with playing chess.

Besides, war is created by politicians who think they know what to do when confronted with a dilemma.  Good current example, threats from North Korea about launching missiles to knock out our communication systems.

This could be a real threat to society in its entirety.  This is true, especially to Californians, as it is one of the closest states to N. Korea. So that’s another reason to take our lives into our own hands, besides it may be cheaper in the long run to just maintain a much smaller military infrastructure to aid primarily in responding to civilian emergencies, primarily, and secondarily, defense, without offensive nuclear weaponry.



The Trump Future is not a viable road to peace and every day this is becoming more obvious as his followers threaten everyone utilizing the hysterically driven media outlets in this country. People of this planet are in a constant state of anxiety because of the reckless talk via public channels about going to war with North Korea. The first in a series of constitutional violations. Congress declares war, not the executive branch. Such orders to start a war should not be obeyed.  That is one reason to protect whistle blowers and any who refuse to participate in initiating military actions.

What kind of society expels law abiding citizens? Power brokers, whose intentions are always at odds with the American intellect.

By implementing a wide spread heartless judicial process with destructive police actions against people who at one time or another or currently say they originated in a foreign country is not legal.  This has occurred without legal justification, especially when directed at a religious class, e.g., one that could be labeled Islamic.  This strategy could be good if all terrorists, could be detected but terrorism is also local, unpredicted and some say institutionalized in our domestic policy forces.

There is also a diabolical plan to separate further the Mexican geographical, ethnic and governmental systems from the US.

This can be viewed being already in motion from pictures I saw at the border with San Diego County (of a prototype Berlin=type barrier) to stop movement across the border of Mexico and the US.  This effort is primarily aimed from a racist perspective by an elderly white business man, backed by super wealthy ignorant beings who think an unregulated corporate complex which knows only supply and demand theory and thinks this alone, with the huge help of military threat and forces can control our world.

We further commit ourselves to moving social-politically away from just the unjust, supply and demand oligarchy, called the United States.

We further commit to creating a just system for criminal rehabilitation modeled upon those in effect by our European Neighbors.

We further commit to converting our publicly supported educational organizations as a free public resource for elementary and high schools, and junior and Colleges and University programs up to an exceeding PhD graduate programs, and beyond. (for example, medical schools, trade schools, schools without wall programs, nursery and pre-nursery schools, but no funding for religious schools.

We further commit to providing medical services for all Citizens of New California via a one payer system again that has been implemented successfully by our European Neighbors.

We again further commit to creating a new drug policy that legalizes all psychotropic substances, removing the enforcement of this policy not as in the past but as a medical program.  For example, first component would be a prison release process to transition existing drug related prisoners to probational care with voluntary medical care financed by public funds.  Such a system would voluntarily register previous prisoners, and public users who want medical help.

The use of prisons to hold such people indefinitely as guilty without due process as prescribed by the Constitution that formed the country of the United States.  This detention system is destructive, illegal, unacceptable and unnecessary.

We pledge ourselves to correct this error and others by no longer participating as citizens of the United State, and Transfer our allegiance to New California, to be created by constitutional assembly.  This time the Constitutional Assembly will have no slave holders, just people elected as representatives of voting districts to be established by density, not party or political persuasion.

California was first admitted to the U.S. in 1850.

Now in 2017 it is a relatively new governmental entity – only 167 years old.  Of all the states it has one of the most educated populaces, geographically wealthy in resources, world class public (and private) educational institutions, innovative industries, and the highest agricultural production in the US.

Let’s pull together, like the recent separatists did in Spain (without the police action) and leave legally, with peace.  If there is enough agreement New California could be one of the most advanced countries in the world, economically with the healthiest populations, the longest lived, and happiest people in the world.

The purpose of this document is to raise the question that the State of California now possesses enough resources to support itself as its own country. Thank you for reading my commentary Please read and sign then pass it on to your colleagues.


William Olkowski, EntoBill,

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