The Continuing Danger of Exposure to Glyphosate

The following abstract tells the story like no other about the causes of what people have come to believe are not caused by human products. Its an unbelievable story worthy of vast exposure. Its raises the question about how long will people tolerate the existing cover up at EPA, FDA and CDC, the main agencies tasked with protecting the health of the US population. Gene pollution is potentially forever as people reproduce and pass on the contaminant. This type of pollution is the most serious threat to human health and planetary health.

Usage of the herbicide glyphosate on core crops in the USA has increased exponentially
over the past two decades, in step with the exponential increase in autoimmune diseases
including autism, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, type 1 diabetes, coeliac
disease, neuromyelitis optica and many others. In this paper we explain how glyphosate,
acting as a non-coding amino acid analogue of glycine, could erroneously be integrated with
or incorporated into protein synthesis in place of glycine, producing a defective product that
resists proteolysis. Whether produced by a microbe or present in a food source, such a peptide
could lead to autoimmune disease through molecular mimicry. We discuss similarities in other
naturally produced disease-causing amino acid analogues, such as the herbicide glufosinate
and the insecticide L-canavanine, and provide multiple examples of glycine-containing short
peptides linked to autoimmune disease, particularly with respect to multiple sclerosis. Most
disturbing is the presence of glyphosate in many popular vaccines including the measles,
mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine, which we have verified here for the first time.
Contamination may come through bovine protein, bovine calf serum, bovine casein, egg
protein and/or gelatin. Gelatin sourced from the skin and bones of pigs and cattle given
glyphosate-contaminated feed contains the herbicide. Collagen, the principal component of
gelatin, contains very high levels of glycine, as do the digestive enzymes: pepsin, trypsin and
lipase. The live measles virus could produce glyphosate-containing haemagglutinin, which
might induce an autoimmune attack on myelin basic protein, commonly observed in autism.
Regulatory agencies urgently need to reconsider the risks associated with the indiscriminate
use of glyphosate to control weeds.

Keywords: autism, autoimmune disease, collagen, glycine, glyphosate, multiple sclerosis,
protein misfolding, vaccines

William Olkowski, PHD

See blog and website for further biographical information.

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