New Movie by Edward Snowden

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Snowden: the movie.

Directed by Oliver Stone this dramatized
documentary is a must see, particularly if you are interested in our former democracy.
It shows how a patriotic American young man is shocked by the actions of secret activities of the key intelligence agency, the NSA (National Security Agency) one of the 17 intelligence agencies the US government funds. Incidentally, the cost to run these
hidden agencies is estimated at 52 billion per year.

Some of the key aspects revealed in the movie include:
1) all private communications are routinely collected by NSA;
2) all smartphones can be spied upon,
even when turned off;
3) one can protect from phone spying by placing a phone in a microwave oven;
4) computers with cameras can be viewed;
5) all communications by foreign governments were being intercepted.
6) heads of many government agencies lie, especially the secret agencies, and lying to congress has no consequences.
7) the Obama administration ruins the careers of whistleblowers.

SEO: a great movie about the real Edward Snowden’s actions, causes and motives as well as the personal costs of telling the truth to power.

Turn off the trump effluvium for improved mental health and fight against him and his policies on all fronts.

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