Microcephaly in Brazil

Comment: so the microcephally previously thought to be caused by the Zika virus now is traced to a pesticide added end to drinking water for mosquito control. Another fear blown out of proportion and vast sums spent on spraying mosquitos. Who could be behind this recent scare?

Keywords: Zika virus, microcephally, mosquito control, pesticide causes microscopically.

SEO: pesticide erroneously applied to drinking water causes microcephalic babies, not the Zika virus now being found with a rush vaccine program, another disaster on the way.



Bill —

My colleague Anthony Samsel had this to say: “I believe the Brazilian Ministry of (NON) Health is responsible for these pin-headed babies afflicted with microcephaly. They added Bayer’s SUMILARV (PYRIPROXYFEN) pesticide to drinking water reservoirs to kill mosquitoes. BAYER’s pesticide label clearly states: “PROTECTION OF WILDLIFE, FISH, CRUSTACEANS AND ENVIRONMENT
Dangerous to fish and other aquatic life. DO NOT contaminate streams, rivers or waterways with the chemical or used containers.
This chemical is an insect hormone growth regulator. It is known to interfere with human cholesterol biochemistry among other effects…”

When will municipalities and other government agencies learn to hire knowledgeable, well-trained people, or (better yet) independent scientists for jobs needing a strong science background? Of course, that might interfere with the ever-present “pay-to-play” policies.