Unprecedented’: Scientists declare ‘global climate emergency’ after jet stream crosses equator

Scientists declare “global climate emergency” after Jet stream crosses the equator.


Mixing of northern and southern jet streams is highly unusual and will disturb weather patterns more severely than usual variations leading to greater instability, however climate change deniers are still vocal about the effects.


Cannabis And Tumor Shrinkage



Comment: whenever we visit Mendocino I check in on dr William Courtney, who is highly knowledgeable about use and the research on medical marijuana. He regularly attends the International conference on medical marijuana held annually in Europe. We in the US need to look to Europe, particularly Israel, since they are far ahead in research since the US has banned research on 420 for years, accept for studies that support the idea that it’s bad for us.
Courtney’s interview in the New Settler, here cited, should be read for the details and to examine his arguments for low dose use by chewing leaves.
Courtney cites Israel research on low dose to back up his recommendations. The reader must know that we have in our body cells an endocabinoid system as do most living beings. That fact should be more widely know but it’s not. The significance of that fact relates to how life evolved, especially making the step from single cell to multicellular life. Now, of course, the legal community that had condemned MJ for many decades, has its head up it ass on this whole subject. If, for example, we already have a system that uses many components of the MJ plant, how come its illegal to posses it?
More significantly, as Courtney reports this very system has multiple receptors in lots of cellular components. Augmenting the natural system can help restore health where disease is present since the biochemicals in the plant, particularly the leaves are necessary for healthily function, especially for the immune system and the brain.

Due to our backwardness on this subject, it will be decades before we wake up, so read the article and see what we have denied from our political ignorance.

Americans Have No “Independence” to Celebrate — What July 4th Has Become in a Police State

This article rings true for me as a rant against the idea that we are the best nation on the planet. To believe that is really a head in the sand view. So gird your loins and hear a rant on this 4th of July about our failures as a democracy.
Best to take it as a short list of some necessary changes long over due. Enough is enough, surely!!


Don’t do anything for pleasure that you don’t enjoy


Very good article and video interview, and this is previous to last week’s release of data by Dr. Samsel in DC re. glyphosate contamination of gelatin that is used in vaccines (one of the excipients that’s not really “inactive”).

> On Jul 1, 2016, at 2:18 PM, William Olkowski wrote: >
> Keywords : vaccines, disease induction, false government reports, vaccines are not safe, whistleblower, book announcement. >
> http://www.globalpossibilities.org/vaccines-retroviruses-dna-and-the-discovery-that-destroyed-judy-mikovits-career/ >
> Don’t do anything for pleasure that you don’t enjoy

I am a drone whistleblower.

Keywords: drones, drone warfare, military,
whistleblowers, ethics, heroes,

Don’t do anything for pleasure that you don’t enjoy

Begin forwarded message:

From: “Cian Westmoreland, RootsAction Education Fund” <info>
Date: July 1, 2016 at 8:36:16 AM PDT
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Subject: I am a drone whistleblower.
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To support drone whistleblower Cian Westmoreland, click here.

With great humility but great hope, I’m writing to you from a hostel room somewhere in Berlin, attempting to reach out to tell you something that I and others like me know — but governments and weapons companies would prefer you didn’t question.

My name is Cian Westmoreland, and I am a former U.S. Air Force communications technician who built the signals relay station for receiving and transmitting data — used in airstrikes — obtained over 240,000 square miles of Afghanistan.

I discovered that in the time I served there, my system was a key component used in bombings from drones and other aircraft that killed at least 359 innocent civilians. This was a number derived from a UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan report for the year 2009.

Knowledge of my “life’s work” at that time took me down a painful path of tremendous guilt, hopelessness, isolation, and nightmares to what ultimately culminated in me looking over a bridge at the Rio Grande, with the plan of taking my own life in October 2015. It was news of a bombing — using my equipment — of an MSF hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, that brought me there that day.

I committed myself to the VA to protect me from harming myself. Less than a month later, on November 18, 2015, I decided to join fellow drone whistleblowers Brandon Bryant, Michael Haas, and Stephen Lewis in speaking out as a group for the first time.

We drafted a letter to President Obama, General Michael Hayden, and CIA Director John Brennan urging them to stop the extrajudicial bombings, reminding them that this policy is creating more terrorists than it is eliminating. For all of us, there is no turning back.

In the past month, I have been connecting with people around the globe, touring with drone surveillance whistleblower Lisa Ling with a film she is in called “National Bird,” directed by Sonia Kennebeck, to educate the public about what the drone program really is, and to represent those people who have been psychologically and physically traumatized by drones on all sides of these strikes.

As the recipient of the first Drone Whistleblower Fellowship of the RootsAction Education Fund, I ask that you consider supporting my work through this fellowship. If you donate, your tax-deductible contribution will help to strengthen my efforts for peace.

Cian Westmoreland


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