Unprecedented’: Scientists declare ‘global climate emergency’ after jet stream crosses equator

Scientists declare “global climate emergency” after Jet stream crosses the equator.   Mixing of northern and southern jet streams is highly unusual and will disturb weather patterns more severely than Continue Reading →


Cannabis And Tumor Shrinkage



Comment: whenever we visit Mendocino I check in on dr William Courtney, who is highly knowledgeable about use and the research on medical marijuana. He regularly attends the International conference on medical marijuana held annually in Europe. We in the US need to look to Europe, particularly Israel, since they are far ahead in research since the US has banned research on 420 for years, accept for studies that support the idea that it’s bad for us.
Courtney’s interview in the New Settler, here cited, should be read for the details and to examine his arguments for low dose use by chewing leaves.
Courtney cites Israel research on low dose to back up his recommendations. The reader must know that we have in our body cells an endocabinoid system as do most living beings. That fact should be more widely know but it’s not. The significance of that fact relates to how life evolved, especially making the step from single cell to multicellular life. Now, of course, the legal community that had condemned MJ for many decades, has its head up it ass on this whole subject. If, for example, we already have a system that uses many components of the MJ plant, how come its illegal to posses it?
More significantly, as Courtney reports this very system has multiple receptors in lots of cellular components. Augmenting the natural system can help restore health where disease is present since the biochemicals in the plant, particularly the leaves are necessary for healthily function, especially for the immune system and the brain.

Due to our backwardness on this subject, it will be decades before we wake up, so read the article and see what we have denied from our political ignorance.


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