Old Movie Review: Men in Black

Short Comment on the Movie Men in Black.

By William Olkowski, PHD 7.20.12

I saw this as a spoof on the genre of save the world by superheroes. Here the world is saved by what must be a sort of secret police. That’s so odd that its worth some attention. After all, the way to take over a society is through the secret police. Every dictator knows this. And one of the ways I think about what is common, accepted or dominant at a time in society is probably the opposite of what is actually happening.

I saw the movie twice because I liked the animations and because of the role cockroaches and pest control played. I am always interested in how insects are used in film. But in general, insects are objects of fear in most cases. I don’t see them solely in that way. For example, some can be objects of beauty. But there are a small important minority that , others threaten by their bites and stings, and others are competitors for our foods and destroy our artifacts including houses. The beauty part in dramas is usually left out.

Normally what is dramatized is a tired view of the most common forms of life: the bad part. Why do people go to the movies to experience fear? The news is enough for me. Further, to degrade those who fight for justice and try to save humanity from its coming disasters against factionary problems is to deflect the real work and direction of how we are to avoid the triple threats of: world wide temperature increases, nuclear accidents and war, and the widespread global contamination of the planet from “Cides” of all sorts, the worst of which are GMO organisms because they pollute the genetic banks of all species.

This sort of deflection is a common practice as our current GOP and political Theater confirms. I wonder to whom such dramas like the Men in Black are directed? Maybe its 14 year old boys like those who fell for Star Wars with its upgraded WWII dog fights as the key feature.

But humor in all its forms can be a needed distraction for some. Me, I am naturally distracted by my inner thoughts and need to practice focus and examine my thoughts regularly to see what is slipping through my net of perceptions. Men in Black filled the bill for me once upon a brief time. But some of the themes are old, tired, and over worn, plus a waste of time.