Is Hillary Clinton A Neo-Con?

War is not a feminist value. Bombing other women and their families in their homes, murdering thousands and creating millions of refugees is not a feminist value. Supporting Saudi Arabia …one of the worst abusers of women’s rights is not a feminist value.

Making poor women even poorer by indebting them to banks with micro-loans they will struggle to repay their entire lives is not a feminist value Makes the banks happy, stealing pennies from the previously unavailable subsistence level poor. Not a feminist value.

Sending jobs overseas with “trade agreements”. Promoting the Trans Pacific partnership which will destroy environmental protections, further depress wages, remove worker protections and give corporations wide range in doing whatever they want when ever they want to without any legal restraints. That is slavery folks. Not feminist values.

Calling disadvantaged inner city youth of color “super predators” and calling to “bring them to heel” a term used for dog training. Racist …bigoted language revealing a racist bigoted mindset. Hardly a ‘womanly’ nurturing stance.

Climbing the political ladder by attacking teacher unions in Arkansas, protecting the banks, removing Glass Steagle protections for the public, advocating for internet censorship by impinging on the right to free speech, ramping up domestic surveillance, cutting deals for millions of dollars in donations the CLINTON Foundation with foreign heads of state on a prohibited private email while serving as secretary of state. …not my values..NOT feminist values.

Keeping the rapacious for profit insurance corporations and the medical industrial complex entities in charge of our health care: interfering with families ability to get what they need to stay healthy, denying necessary treatments, promoting an unaffordable unsustainable system ending in bankruptcy for millions because they got sick is NOT a feminist value.

The Clintons became VERY WEALTHY in office…all of the above has contributed to building their fortune by leveraging the power of their public office for private gain….some of those actions are criminal….all immoral.

Are these Democratic values?
Are these your values?
Will you support this neo-con, neo-liberal, anti-feminist?

Why is this the person the Democratic Party offers up to the people?
The strategy is that the public will “support” whomever is dished up from the party, usually a corporatist functionary.

…and they use “FEAR of WHAT IS WORSE”….always.
Hillary’s policies will not be any better than those of anyone else elected. Rhetoric will be better. Pain is the same.

The question remains for each of us….do we endorse this? are we into the game? are we willing to be used ?
sucker punched? Chumped? Funny how the so called liberal question is “how can those people vote against their own interests?” Are you?

Change will never come until we change our behavior. Playing patsy only devolves into an ever worsening situation. We have become frogs in the ever heating water pot, pretending we can’t jump out. We can.
Revolutions, Real change, standing up for oneself, is not a cake walk and it does require a moral commitment, integrity and the courage to think outside of the box.

“It’s always the right time to do the right thing”….Rev. Martin Luther King

For me…Bernie, then if necessary after the primary, Green Party Jill Stein.
NEVER Hillary…She is a dangerous crook and a liar. We know about her record. That should matter to folks.

We already know these things..unless afflicted with the ’empress has fine clothes’ syndrome of Hear no. See no. Speak no.

I cannot endorse her crimes against humanity. Her suppression of the middle class and the poor. I cannot support that evil candidacy. Very Dirty is NOT better than Filthy. I want clean….and I will express that with my vote.
I will not OWN that presidency with my vote. I will vote for what I want, not for what I don’t want.

BTW…I am NOT a feminist….I am a humanist. Anatomy is irrelevant. Everyone matters universally and equally.

Be Well,

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