A Few Clarifications on Happiness


LIFE is like a walk or dance or run on the edge of a knife. On either side one can fall into death, living death, or just existence.

One can get this feeling when driving in fast traffic, but the reality is that dancing is a metaphor for the decisions one makes that involve the experiences one chooses to have.

There is the fact that in any situation one perceives a certain set of inputs though their senses which go into the brain. Then what one makes of those inputs determines what kind of reality one makes for themselves. Happiness is an activity not a goal. One can chose happiness or worse from any set of perceptions.

People don’t like or are unable to acknowledge that they create their own realities. Why? I think the environments people live in greatly influences what one perceives. By environments I mean the people one chooses to live with as well as the places one visits and lives within. The work environment has a great influence. And further what one does in those places has a great deal to do with conditioning a person to perceive and manage those perceptions.

And then there is the sixth sense and by that I do not mean any goofy telekinetic capability but one’s internal environment, ones inner conversation. One can detect an inner environment through meditation for example, but also by just closing one’s eyes and perceiving the thought process. Yes we can dress up our language to call it meditation, but it’s not important what we call it, but whether one can perceive one thoughts. When you perceive a thought, an idea or whatever, ask yourself who is it that is perceiving? Some call this a witness, but it’s just you, perceiving your thoughts. So how is this perception happening? That’s why I call it a sixth sense, since people widely acknowledge 5 senses of taste, tough, sight, smell and hearing.

There is a kinesthetic sense as well, although its normally not listed among the traditional five. The witness sense is another, so maybe there are really 7 senses, maybe there are still others too. For this discussion the witness sense is the focus, for it’s that sense where the ideas for living are managed, either by default or consciously.

Part of being happy certainly rests with this acknowledgement, i.e., that each and every one of us is responsible for their lives, their perceptions, their actions and behaviors, their beliefs and their state of mind. Knowing this is also the key to realizing that change is possible.
But this requires a certain level of self knowledge and monitoring of the internal conversation. One generates ideas from moment to moment and being aware of this fact and listening to this conversation one can detect the self programming that one develops over time.

One can dance to any tune, but one can choose the tune and dance, walk, talk, think, and eat whatever among such behaviors. What is available for these activities is greatly influenced by the environment within and surrounding each person. And realizing this, is among the greatest perception one makes in making a good life. From that awareness the decisions one makes can be examined and then they can be improved.