Heroes Who Gave Their Lives Fighting for Freedom

A friend, Dick Strong, visited recently and showed me this list of people, many of whom were reported in the mass media, many not. Its a sad list but their lives are worth memorializing.
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Something funny and comes with a message. If I were enlightened.

Maybe with comedy one can actually listen to the message. Bill

About Donnalou Stevens
To many, it may look like I am an over night success with ‘Older Ladies’ my first ever music video, but there’s a lot more to the story and the woman behind it than meets the eye. The joie de vivre that is seen consistently in my photos was hard won and well deserved. Born in Austin, TX, I came into this world with a fiery spirit, a gypsy heart and a creative streak that made everyone who knew me well think I was bound for fame. We all thought it would happen a lot earlier in my life and for years I was resentful it hadn’t. Continue Reading →

A blurb from Jon Rappaport on banning GMO’s

Jon Rappaport believes there is a conspiracy of belief among the major communities, i.e. military, industry, education, media and health. The aim is suppression of any dissident views. I think he is worth listening to, especially as his voice is the only one who has focused on banning GMOs. Something I believe should be done right away. Continue Reading →