UPDATE: 10.25 to 10-29.13 Fukushima, Flu, Chocolate, Veganism, Soda Tax.

UPDATE: 10.25 to 10-29.13 Collected by William Olkowski Contents: Fukushima The Great Disaster Grows Flu – Avoid the Antibiotics CHOCOLATE – Alternative to Statins NO BENEFITS FROM VEGANISM OVER MEATISM Continue Reading →

Update: 10.18.13: Butter, Birds, Ocean microfibers, Herbal Pain Relief, with Comments on Redesigning Lifestyles by William Olkowski

Update Information 10.18.13 Items below concern Butter, the herbicide Glyphosate sold by Monsanto, Microfibers from clothing as universal ocean pollutants, relief of pain from an unusual herbal product, and how Continue Reading →

Foods High in Oxalic Acid

FOODS VERY HIGH IN OXALIC ACID  from larger table listing all foods   Almonds                                                 VH Y Y VH Legume, Nut, Seed Beets                                                                VH Y Continue Reading →