Banning Weapons of Mass Murder (WMM)

Banning Weapons of Mass Murder (WMM).

by William Olkowski, PhD


Michael Sherma (of eSkeptic fame) has done the public a great service by presenting an argument for banning automatic weapons for sale to private individuals. He calculates based on the expected frequency of psychopaths and schizophrenic in our society based on various studies.  We can expect over 300 individuals to reach the mental state to actually kill someone else over the next year.  Causes are unknown.  But the ability of such people (almost exclusively males) to kill large numbers is directly related to the killing power of the weapon used. So it is highly likely that we can expect more shootings like the Aurora mass killing unless we ban these military weapons.  In no way would such a ban stop the hunter and recreational shooter to alter their behavior in any way.  Such a ban would not stop all shootings, but reduce the number of people affected.  When the bill of rights was created the right to bear arms was confined by the technology of the day to single shot weapons, which required reloading between shots.

Here is Sherma’s calculations and thinking about freedom which is his concluding argument (slight editorial changes):

So let’s conservatively estimate that if only 1% of the psychopathic personalities in the US, estimated at (1%), or 3,140,000 men, commit any kind of violent act, this results in 31,400 acts of violence per year, a nontrivial number.

If only 1% of those violent acts involve murders, this leaves us with 314 unnecessary tragic deaths caused by psychopaths. And, finally, if only 1% of those violent acts involves killing multiple people at once, this results in a rate of 3.14 Aurora-size mass murders per year in America, which is actually lower than the rate of around a dozen per year that we have been averaging the past half century, depending on what constitutes a mass murder.  School-shootings alone amount to more than one event on average once a year in the U.S.

We already disallow private citizens to own nuclear weapons, missiles, grenade launchers, and the like.  WMMs that can be secreted into a movie theater should be categorized among those we can no longer tolerate. This is no loss of freedom. It is, in fact, an increase in freedom—the freedom to move about our living spaces without fear of being gunned down in cold blood.

For the whole essay consult:

America, a Police State?

America, a Police State?

by William Olkowski, PhD, 8.2.12.

I found this comment below in response to Gore Vidal’s essay:America the Great …Police State,  at the website indicated above.  It seems to summerize my conception of what is going on.  But Gore Vidal rant on the police state has much truth in it.  Many police beating demonstators with night sticks have been seen repeatedly but I wonder how many are taken off the force as a consequence?  Or how many are tried for attempted manslaughter?  Do you know what kind of damage a nightstick can do to a persons head?  Police salaries are very good so we should demand extraordinary behavior to those we give the right to carry weapons and nightsticks.  So I understand Vidal’s view of police arrogance.  But all police are not beating demonstators, so branding all police with one branding iron sounds like a rant.

The comment below, however is not on the same subject but about the state of the society and its succinctness is clarifying.  Is the connection to police violence a sign of our society crumbling apart?  Watch out, then, for many people suffer when the poor discover that they are poor, without hope, homes or food.  Guns will not be useful for defense against mob rule.

And the more poor we have the greater the risk. Even the rich should worry, but hey they can just go to Europe, Australia, South America, or somewhere else if things get sticky here.

+5# jmac9 2012-08-01 13:26

Republicans destroyed America. 8 years of Bush-Cheney Republicans agenda caused the worldwide economic collapse.

Police State America, the great hypocrite. Preaching freedom and fueling the dictatorships of the world.

Look at American history: 1953 Eisenhower overthrows Iranian government, 1954 Eisenhower overthrows Guatemala government. Eisenhower shackles the US to Vietnam supporting S. Vietnamese dictator Diem.

But hey, look no farther than America itself – Racial segregation, KKK terrorism.

America is the 21st Century Nazi state.

Using the excuse of 9-11 and the fraudulent “war on drugs”, America shreds your civil rights.

America police state legalized by; the Patriot Act, the N.D.A.A., the continued fraud of the DEA.  NSA spying.

Are Americans so dumb as to vote for the Republicans who caused the economic collapse?

Or are they just that racist, that Foxed with brainwashing that they defend their chains, their enslavement to the corporate masters?


A terrific rant!!!!  Certainly the police benefit from violence which explains why they support the NRA’s positions on gun control.  And why they support the DEA with its armed mercenaries raiding marijuana dispensaries.  And if confiscating a drug user’s property is not extraordinary punishment what is it?  I know of no other crime where the perpetrator has to give up his/her property.  Tell me I am wrong, please.