A Real Liberal: Rocky Anderson Calls for Bush Impeachment

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Rocky Anderson is running for President under the Justice Party.  Whatever that is.  But his call for impeachment is a favorite subject. Plus I feel the same as he does about the Democratic Party, except, except, I feel worlds of distance from the GOP.  I learned a tuff lesson with the Peace and Freedom Party back in the Vietnam war days. 3rd party liberal efforts are doomed to enhance the GOP prospects.  Nothing could be worse for this country than another greedy ignorant GOP jerk.  And Mitt baby fills that role to a Tea.

Its not so far fetched to start impeachment, certainly loss of his benefits as a past president. Its never too late to dump on Bush, and I will do so to my dying day.  Mark our drastic decline as a civilized society, whatever that is now, to him and his administration.  He was and will be the worst president in the history of our declining democracy.

Bill Olkowski

Call for impeachment of President George W. Bush

Interviewed by Wolf Blitzer on CNN after an anti-war rally marking the fourth anniversary of the invasion and initial occupation of Iraq, Anderson advocated the impeachment of President George Bush, saying:

“This president, by engaging in such incredible abuses of power, breaches of trust with both the Congress and the American people, and misleading us into this tragic and unbelievable war, the violation of treaties, other international law, our constitution, our own domestic laws, and then his role in heinous human rights abuses; I think all of that together calls for impeachment”.[124]

Anderson also did not spare criticism for the Democratic Party, saying:

“The fact that anybody would say that impeachment is off the table when we have a president who has been so egregious in his violations of our constitution, a president who asserts a unitary executive power, that is absolutely chilling.”[124]

In 2006, he expressed his view of the Democratic Party as follows:

“But what do I have to say about the Democratic Party? I’m ashamed, really, of how little leadership there has been. There has been just tremendous timidity on the part of the party, generally, although there have been a handful of exceptions. But, you know, we had one member of the United States Senate vote against the PATRIOT Act, the blank check that was given by Congress to this president, I think in total abrogation of the role of Congress under separation of powers and under the power to make war, to declare war. They gave that away to a president that didn’t have his facts straight and, I think, was manipulating the intelligence to sell this war.”[125]

Anderson researched, wrote, produced, and narrated a major multi-media piece on the Iraq invasion and occupation, as well as the case for impeachment.[126]

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